“A tour de force!”

~ Kabir Sehgal

“Grammy award winning producer New York Times bestselling author”

She is a former lawyer and stay-at-home mom who at the age of 43 reinvented herself when she turned to singing as a way to find her voice and to change her life when the love is her life was no more. She is now a successful singer, author, speaker and producer. She produces private and public events as well as produces Jazz on Cedros a sophisticated musical happy hour that is celebrating sold-out shows since its inception last year. In addition, Anna just fulfilled another dream by recording her second full-length jazz album at the iconic Capitol Studios in Hollywood, which will be released in early 2016 and is already gathering critical acclaim.
Her music is based in the classics, the jazz standards we all love and grew up on, the music of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole. But she’s also taken modern songs and arranged them for jazz. And recently, Anna started writing her own standards! The new album contains half original songs, which are Anna’s stories!

Once you go out and buy this incredible, truly stunning new album from Danes, and once you allow the 12 tracks to embrace your mind, body and soul, you will have not only purchased a lovely album, but you will also finally know her…a woman who deserves all the greatness this industry can afford her.

~ Anna Carlini, annecarlini.com


Anna has been busy! From launching her new CD “Find Your Wings,” to bringing together “The Jazz Divas,” to producing monthly “Jazz on Cedros” events, Anna never sleeps!

Anna's New Album in iTunes now!

“Find Your Wings” is Anna’s latest, and greatest, compilation of Jazz originals and classic standards.

The Jazz Divas

Anna recently brought together 15 of San Diego’s top jazz singers, and presenting them in a glamorous Vanity Fair cover-style photoshoot held at the San Diego Symphony.

Don't Miss Jazz on Cedros March 18

Join special guests on March 18 for a glittering JOC edition.

“The incomparable Anna Danes…’Find Your Wings’ soars with eagles! 5 out of 5!”

~ Dennis Russo, CriticalBlast.com


Anna just finished recording her second album, “Find Your Wings” at Capitol Records. For tour dates, new recordings, special downloads and more, please subscribe to the mailing list. Release Date October 2016.